How will I begin my first table massage session? 

At the beginning of your first session, you will be asked to fill out a health intake form.  After the form is completed, I will ask some more specific questions as to why you are coming in to see me, address any issues if needed, and confirm which areas you would like worked on. 

What do I wear during my table massage session? 

For a table massage session, clients are told to remove shirts, pants, socks, shoes and jewelry.  Women are also asked to remove their bras. 

Do you use draping in your table massage sessions?

YES!  Draping is used in every table massage sessions, NO EXCEPTIONS!  All of my massage sessions are of a STRICTLY THERAPEUTIC, and any type of suggestive or sexual comment or advances will results in immediate termination of the massage session and full payment for the session will be enforced. This is not a joke.... I do not tolerate any kind of sexual comments, remarks, innuendos AT ALL so if you are looking for something other than a professional therapeutic massage, PLEASE DO NOT CONTACT ME!

Where will my table massage session take place? 

My office is located in the addition over the garage at my home.  There is a private entrance and bathroom just for my clients.  Your table massage session will take place in my private massage office, which is designed to be quiet, warm and comfortable for you.  A collection of relaxing music is available for you to choose from, or I can pick something for you.  The massage table is made up with soft linens and a warm blanket.  The temperature can be adjust to your comfort. 

What do I do during a table massage session? 

Nothing but make yourself comfortable!  If I need to adjust your position, I will either move you myself or ask you to move as needed.  If you need to change your position to make yourself comfortable, please do so as you wish.  An eye pillow is provided to help promote relaxation, but it can be removed at any time.  Talking is up to you!  Some clients like to chit chat and others like to be quiet; I will always follow your lead.  Questions, comments, or concerns are welcome at any time during your table massage session.  Your table massage session is customized for you, so please let me know at any time if something needs to be changed or addressed!

How will a table massage session feel? 

In general, most table massage sessions feel very relaxing and calming.  Swedish massage is the most commonly used technique, and it involves lots of long, flowing strokes.  As areas of concern are reached, the pressure will generally increase to relieve the muscular tension, but the pressure can be adjusted at any time to your comfort level.  Again, questions, comments, or concerns are welcome at any time during a table massage session. 

What kind of oil/lotion do you use? 

I exclusively use Bio-Tone Dual Purpose Massage Cream.  It is a light-weight cream with the work-ability of a oil without the greasy feeling of an oil.  It is hypoallergenic, and should not cause any break-outs or skin problems for those with sensitive skin.

How long will a table massage session last?

It depends on what time you booked your massage session for, but in general, I work for the full session time you booked (i.e. 30, 60 or 90 minutes) plus allow time for health intake at the beginning of the session, time for you to undress, and time for you to relax after your massage and re-dress.  

How am I going to feel after my massage session? 

It is my goal to make you feel as relaxed as possible after a massage session!  Most people do, and many people feel an immediate relief from long-term aches, pains and tension.  After a brief period of feeling slowed down, many people also have a period of increased energy.  During a massage, toxins will be released from your soft tissues into your lymphatic system, so drinking a healthy amount of water after a massage is always recommended.  If you experience any soreness after a massage, you can try a hot Epsom salt bath, which helps in releasing the toxins from the massage session.

Are there any times when it's not appropriate to get a massage? 

Yes, there are several medical conditions that would make massage inappropriate. If you think you have a condition that might prevent you from getting a massage, please address it with me when making an appointment.  Also, the health intake form you are asked to fill out will ask questions that might highlight some conditions that are contraindicative to getting a massage.  Some medical conditions may require written approval from your doctor before any massage session.  It is very important to be truthful and honest about your health and any medications you are taking before any massage session, your health and safety are of upmost importance to me!  

What if I have to cancel my appointment?

Please try to give me as much advanced notice as possible for having to cancel your appointment.  I understand that emergencies arise from time to time, but please be considerate about giving me notice as soon as possible.  If you continue to cancel appointments without proper advance notice, it is at my discretion to no longer have you as a client.

What if My Signature Massage cancels my appointment?

Like you, emergencies arise for me also, but I will always give you as much as advance notice as possible.  All appointments cancelled by me are given priority in rescheduling plus a discount off their next massage session.

What forms of payment do you accept?

First time clients are asked to pay in cash or with credit card, and repeat clients are welcome to pay with either cash, credit card, or check.  

Do you sell gift certificates?

YES!  Gift Certificates are great to give as gifts!  Single massage sessions can be purchased, or I can help create a custom massage session package just for you!

I have a gift certificate but it's expired, will My Signature Massage still accept it?

If the gift certificate was purchased from My Signature Massage, it will be accepted for up to 3 months after the expiration date with a service charge of $10 applied.  After 15 months from date of purchase, the gift certificate can longer be redeemed.  If the gift certificate was a donation you received from My Signature Massage, or was donated to a group/charity for a raffle/auction from My Signature Massage, then it expires on the date printed on the gift certificate and cannot be redeemed at a date past that.  I keep records of all gift certificates sold and donated so if you have a question about your gift certificate, please let me know!

If you have any complaints regarding DeAnn Sumner or your Massage Therapy experience, please contact the Texas Department of Health at:  

Texas Department of Health

Massage Therapy Registration Program

100 W. 49th Street

Austin, TX  78756-3199

(512) 834-6616

As always, your massage session is customized for you, so please let me know if there are any other questions you might have, and I will be happy to answer them for you!  

-DeAnn Sumner, LMT, MT027104


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